Welcome To WorkPhones

Our phones are somewhat a mix of early phone design nostalgia and modern technology. We aim to provide the best telecommunication solutions for homes and business networks everywhere. Here at WorkPhones, we strive hard to come up with the latest improvements to our products.

Whether you are a working individual, a student or someone enjoying his golden years, there is a huge space a phone holds in today’s society. Indeed, phones have gone beyond the boundaries of a two-way communication or voice message.

In this day and age, a phone is also useful for transactions, booking appointments and even video call. Some of our latest and durable products would help you continue your work efficiently.

These include the following:


VOIP phones have been quite beneficial. Especially to those who switched to this connection before the rise of social media and mobile phone applications. It’s been more than a decade. VOIP phones have resulted in cost benefits and freedom from geographical boundaries and still enjoy the use of internet.

They help individuals who work from home or small locations. To have all its advantages, choose a network which has been around from the early 2000s. Important to note, we have some of the best phone models for your daily use.

Cordless Phones

Cordless Phones have been a sigh of relief ever since they came into existence. We all have a story to tell about those earphones in our pockets! The moment you take them out, you have to struggle to loosen what looks like a perfect knot. Now imagine those on a phone when you take the receiver. It’s a lot of trouble to move around in your house or office.

Thankfully, with the introduction of cordless phones, now you don’t need to think of wires. Cordless has become the norm for home and business phones. Once you take on the receiver, you can move freely within the premises and attend the call. Over the years, the range and clarity of these phones have improved. WorkPhones provide you with some of the best options for an effective communication device.


Skype phones have become quite common these days. It started out as a website for video calls on the internet. Later, it became more effective and got into our smartphones with the advancement in technology.

Now not just smartphones, but nearly every video conferencing device has this feature. We have modified our devices and have come up with a new line of products supporting this feature. This would help enhance the quality of communication when using our home and business phones.

Speaker Phones

Speaker phones are very useful and proving efficient in business meetings. You no longer need to bother with an email and can quickly connect with your clients.

All this, while your team by your side. Many such speaker phones have the option of mute button for you to chat with your team before answering any of the questions on call.

Wireless Headset

A wireless headset has been a major improvement from the wired headsets long back. Nowadays, you won’t find many wired telephone headsets. A wireless headset, unlike before, provides flexibility to move. With a wireless headset, one had to remain cautious.

Else, you end up pulling the machine or disconnecting the call. Plus, the sound quality and durability of these telephone headsets is much better than the wired ones. Usually they are being used for business phones. Its benefits have been immense and have proved stable over the years in business organizations.

Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth headset is also a type of telephone headset. It has basically revolutionized the way work is being done or calls being made. A Bluetooth headset provides flexibility to move at workplace with your hands remaining free most of the time.

It provides just enough distance between your mouth and the device to have maximum clarity. You can move at the work premises within the range of 300 meters. The price of this product is also less and comes at a reasonable price.

USB Headset

A USB headset provides better flexibility than a Bluetooth device. Its range is far reaching than a Bluetooth device. One can use a USB headset to connect with more than one device. This helps in losing out any important call.

These headsets are long-lasting and quite durable than other headsets. Usually bought by organizations, the costs vary depending upon the brand. We offer quality USB headsets at affordable rates. Business Telephones